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Metalworking Soluble Cutting Fluids

Environmentally Green, High Performance Cutting and Grinding fluids for todays changing market and legislation demands.  Our Wysecut range includes the latest high technology Boron free, Chlorine Free and Formaldehyde Free formulations.

Metalforming Lubricants

 A comprehensive range of High Performance Pressing and Drawing fluids, from fast evaporating oils to heavy duty ester based oils, we can provide solutions for all applications however demanding.

Metalworking Neat Cutting Oils

High technology Neat Cutting Oils developed for optimum performance, operator safety and provides environmentally 'green' status where required.  Our extensive range offers products for all Flood Applied and Minimum Quantity Lubricant (MQL) applications.

Cleaners & Degreasers

Whether an Aqueous or 'safe' Solvent based cleaner is required, our Wysekleen range of products provides the right formulation for all oil and grease removal processes.