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Pre-cast construction release oils

A broad range of mould release oils for effective release from concrete, clay, brick and block moulds. Suitable for wood, metal, rubber or plastic moulds, the range includes oil, emulsion, solvent, gas oil and biodegradable oil formulations.  These products are to be used as received according to the application or mixed as an emulsion for specific mould types. Application can be by brush, roller or spray as desired. Automated applicators will provide a more consistent and uniform coating. Biodegradable oils such as our MRO 2437, are available for environmentally sensitive areas. Heavy duty oils, incorporating tacky additives, are ideally suitable for heavy concrete and breeze block work. MRO 2691 and MRO 2470 provide excellent performance for this particular application. Emulsion type mould release oils, such as our MRO 2470, are suited and available for wood and absorbent moulds and shuttering materials. 

For intricate mould work, sprayable low odour solvent free products are available. 

For product recommendation, please contact a member of our technical team who will be able to assist with the correct specification of product required.

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