• Wysekleen MSC    De-Scaler

Wysekleen MSC De-Scaler

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About Wysekleen MSC De-Scaler

Wysekleen MSC is an acid-based, low foam cleaner for de-rusting, de-scaling, concrete removal and protein removal.

This product is used mainly as a de-scaler but can also be used to remove rust, unwanted cement/concrete deposits and protein residues from surfaces. However, the main application is to remove hard water scale from plant, equipment, floors, walls and washrooms. Depending upon the age and severity of the scale, apply as a 5-25% solution. Smaller items can be cleaned by soaking; larger items can be cleaned by spraying with low pressure sprayers, leaving the solution to work and then washing off with water, at high pressure if the situation permits. If the solution is used to de-scale a closed system (e.g. boilers, heat exchangers), then ensure that the system can vent away the gas produced during the cleaning process. Rinse out the system very thoroughly with fresh water.

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