Metal Working Fluid Mixing Systems

We recommend and supply a range of mixer units suitable for water-mix type oils and fluids.  Prices do vary, and are dependent on type of mixer system chosen 'fit for purpose'.  For example, a simple Automatic Fluid Mixer (AFM) is a basic mixer right through to a bespoke mechanical volumetric digitally controlled pumped system for large machine shops.

If close proximity dispensing is required, then we suggest either an AFM or Accudose type system.  Both these types work on water pressure to draw up concentrate from a barrel of oil or container.  The AFM actually screws in place on top of the barrel (via the 2'' bung) and is attached directly to the water supply. The Accudose system works on a similar principle, but requires fitting in place on a nearby column or walled surface.  All the time good water pressure is maintained, these units will provide a reliable service, although routine cleaning of the venturi jets and oil ways is required to prevent clogging.

Dosatron systems are a more reliable source of mixing due to being volumetric controlled.  Again, powered by incoming water pressure only, a proportional amount of oil will be mixed with water, making these units ideally suited to medium to large machine shops.  Another advantage to choosing a Dosatron, is that the output hose can be extended to reach point of fill, as long as precaution is made to prevent back pressure and 'hammering' effect.  These models are easily installed and adjusted to suit most dilution requirements.

Should a high performance fast flow unit be needed to supply a large machine shop, then mechanical pumped systems are available.  These can be made to individual specifications with minimal re-fill times and fast top ups. 

Please contact Wyse Oil should you require a price for any of these items.