Water Treatment

Over the years, we have supplied water based coolants in many different parts of the UK, which can present issues with the type of raw water which is sourced for customers factories.  The varying degrees of hardness found in raw water can produce problems for coolants, should the formulation not be correct for the water type.

If coolants are used in extreme levels of hardness or softness, then equally problems may arise if the water was not a consideration when the coolant was initially selected.  Gained from our own experience, we have formulations for use in hard water, and different blends for soft water.

Certain industries, such as Aerospace, prefer to determine and control the level of hardness minerals in their make up water, therefore, requiring a unit which treats the raw water before it is mixed with concentrate.  Wyse Oil can advise and supply water treatment equipment, from a straight forward softener, to an RO or DI plant.  

Please ask our technical department for advice on this matter.